An Enjoyable Wait

A wealth of possIbIlItIes IncludIng everythIng from shoppIng centers to aIrport sIghtseeIng tours wIll turn your pre-flIght waIt Into an enjoyable experIence.

The busiest times at Frankfurt Airport are between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., and summer is the peak season.
There are four huge shopping centers in the airport, three of them in terminal one.

Showers are available in the public area at both terminals. They cost €6/$8 and are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

The red-uniformed personnel circulating around the airport are ‘service guides’. You can ask them for help in any situation.

Food and beverage venues in both terminals are open from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Venues open 24/7 are located before the security checkpoint.

Transportation between terminals is free on the Skyline Train. The ride takes about 2-3 minutes.

Free 30-minute wireless internet is available all over the airport. Beyond that you may also use the internet access points provided in various areas.

Waiting for your Flight

Frankfurt Airport offers a range of tours for passengers who have a long wait for their connecting flight.

1.     Mini Tour: You can see the landing and takeoff runways on this 45-minute tour of the airport.
2.     By Night/Sunset Tour:  You can watch planes landing and taking off as you eat dinner on this 120-minute tour, which is usually offered in winter,
3.     Fire Department Tour: You will get an chance to visit the airport fire department on this 105-minute tour.
4.     Zeppelin Tour: If you are keen to see historic documents and other interesting material at the Zeppelin Museum, you will need 120 minutes for this tour.
5.     Children’s Birthday Tour: This tour, which lets children celebrate their birthday in the airport, takes 45 minutes.
6.     Singles Tour: Set aside 120 minutes and apply in advance if you feel the need for a fun tour and After-Work Party.
7.     Visitors’ Terrace: You can go to this viewing terrace whenever you’re keen on an impressive view of big planes landing and taking off.