Engin Günaydın’s Tokat

Engin Günaydın captured the award for best actor in the 31st İstanbul International Film Festival for his latest fılm, underground. We asked hiım about Tokat, where he was born and raised.

You’ve said of Erbaa (in Turkey’s north central province of Tokat) that its sun is like milk. What else about it is beautiful?
Erbaa is a 500-year-old town. Its culture dates way back. It also boasts the region’s most fertile soil. Its air is very clean. And the sun is like milk. When the weather is good, it’s nice to eat ‘bat’ at dusk. (‘Bat’ is  a dish of vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of green lentils, walnuts and herbs). 

Can you tell us about Lake Düden where you went for a picnic in the film Vavien, which was shot in Tokat?
Sometimes people have nice dreams. And sometimes they dream of beautiful landscapes. Lake Düden is like the landscape of my dreams. I went on many picnics there with my family. I even took my first photographs of my family there. They looked so beautiful that I said to myself, What a lovely family I have! Everything was truly beautiful.

What would you recommend to people going to Tokat?
The people of Tokat love to have fun. They like everybody who is good-humored. So, go there when you are in a good mood. Do whatever you like, but enjoy yourself.