Intersection Of Four Countries: Maribor

One of Slovenia’s two big cities along with the capital Ljubljana, Maribor is a major center of culture and communications. The Old Town in this city watered by the Drava River is brimming with buildings from the Middle Ages. Home to a vibrant cultural life with its university, major museums and art galleries, the city also boasts a theater going back to the 18th century. Meanwhile the hills to the southwest are covered in vineyards. One of the city’s most impressive structures, the Municipal Building has a sculpture in front of it commemorating those who lost their lives in the tuberculosis epidemic that swept Europe in the 17th century. Maribor Cathedral is another must-see sight at the heart of this city known for its narrow streets and old bridges. Situated at the intersection of the borders of Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Maribor has been enriched by diverse cultures throughout its history.

• Maribor Castle
• Maribor Puppet Theater
• Maribor Regional Museum

Among the many events planned in connection with Maribor’s being a European Capital of Culture is the Lent Festival, June 22 to July 7.