Oral Health On Board

A few tips for maintaining your dental health on long-haul flights...

In your suitcase
Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and gargle are the sine qua non’s of any travel list.

See Your Dentist
Be sure to see your dentist before you leave. Find out if you have any problems that could crop up during your trip and take precautions.

After eating
Extended travel can cause jet lag, which can weaken the immune system triggering a relapse of chronic problems.  Wisdom teeth too can be affected. Make a habit of brushing after eating with the oral care kits provided on today’s long-haul flights.

Drink plenty of liquıds
Travel can make you drowsy. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of liquids to prevent dry mouth and dehydration since the flow of saliva is reduced during sleep.

For pain
If you have thrush or canker sores in your mouth, be sure to have with you the antibiotics and painkillers prescribed by your dentist. It’s best to avoid acidic beverages like tea and coffee as well. For thrush, garble with a glass of salt water (one tsp salt per glass of water).