World’s Only Intercontinental Marathon

Named one the world’s best marathons and ranked in the golden league by the international association of Athletics Federations, the Vodafone 34th Istanbul Eurasia Marathon takes place on november 11 this year.

In addition to the 42-kilometer marathon, for which Turkish Airlines is transportation sponsor, this year’s marathon will also be run by amateur athletes in 15-km and 8-km races. First organized in 1979, the marathon traditionally includes a people’ walk called the Fun Run, which starts at 9:30 a.m. from below Altunizade Bridge and ends at Beşiktas İnönü Stadium. The Fun Run gives its approximately 80,000 participants a chance to cross the Bosphorus Bridge on foot once a year.

Another feature of the 34th Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon is the Charity Race. Some participants run in exchange for donations supporters make to the non-governmental organizations that are part of the Marathon’s social responsibility partner, Step By Step (AdımAdım). Since its inception in 2008, Step By Step has collected donations totaling two and a half million Turkish Liras from close to 15,000 supporters. For more information about the initiative, you may visit the website at
Scheduled to be run on Sunday, November 11, the 34th Vodafone Istanbul Eurasia Marathon is Turkey’s biggest mass participation event and one of Europe’s seven top marathons. 

Named after the Plain of Marathon, where Persian and Athenian armies clashed in the 5th century B.C.E., the first marathon race of modern times was held at the 1896 Athens Olympics in memory of Phidippides, the legendary courier who ran between Sparta, Marathon Plain and Athens bearing news during the war.

42195 METERS
The first marathon run at the 1896 Athens Olympics was actually 40,000 meters. Varying between 38,000 and 42,000 meters up to the 1908 London Olympics, the length of the race was then increased to 42,195 meters so it would end immediately in front of the Royal Box at White City Stadium. This distance became official at the 1924 Paris Olympics.