Little Boutique Of The Balkans

Key destination in Hungary, Budapest is inviting you on a shopping spree to rival Paris or New York

Here are a few clues that will help you to benefit most profitably from this wee city.
The large stores accept credit cards. But have cash on hand for the others.
Tax rebates are available on purchases over 50,000 forints (200 euros).
If you want to see the sights, arrange a taxi. It’s fast and economical, and you can get the phone numbers on the internet.
For good books, try the art and book cafes.
Knowing a few words of Hungarian may help you.
Yes - igen - ϊgεn
No - nem - nεm
Thank you - köszönöm -køsønøm

Be sure to buy

Hand embroidery
Pillow covers
Hungarian dolls
Fine china