Two Birds With One Stone

ClImate change worsens a lIttle wIth every wrong move we make. Although It may appear that the thIngs we can do are becomIng more lImIted each day, It’s stIll possIble to reverse the process.  Just as watching what we eat can ensure us a healthy life, it can also help to turn this modern-day disaster around. Here are a few small measures we can take in our everyday lives:

Stay away from products that have been identified by marine conservation communities as being under threat.
Choose local, seasonal products.
Use products that have been produced in such a way as not to harm nature, such as those with organic certificate.
Reduce consumption of food which increases carbon pollution.


Meat, eggs and dairy products that are certified as organic generally are the animal nutrients that do the least harm to the environment. You can find out where you can buy these products from the internet.