Fourth Year Four Cities

In its fourth year, the Istanbul Tanpınar literature festival (itef) is going beyond Istanbul this year to bring literature lovers together in Ankara, Izmir and Hatay.

The festival, whose theme this year is Fear and the City, is being held in Istanbul, October 1 to 4, and in Izmir, Ankara and Hatay, October 4 to 7. Sixty-eight writers from 20 different countries will be coming together with readers for readings and discussion sessions, meetings with students, workshops and book signings in the festival.

Fear is perhaps one of the phenomena that impact the most on our personal and social lives. The writers taking part in the festival describe what they fear the most and how they overcame their fears in a book titled Fear and the City, which will be distributed at this year’s Istanbul TÜYAP Book Fair and at the London Book Fair next April.

Some of İTEF’s special projects for the year include the Café Amsterdam events, organized on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Holland and Turkey, the Manchester Letters, which present the on-line correspondence between English writer Jenn Ashworth and Turkish writer Nermin Yıldırım, Tram Lines, which brings together eight European cities in writer-in-residence programs, and an interview with FABİSAD, the Association for Artists of Fantasy and Science Fiction, about fantastic literature, a genre that helps people to better understand themselves and their fears.

In short, ITEF in its fourth year is coming to literature lovers with a program chock full of interesting things.

Venues for the events of this year’s ITEF, which is being organized with the support of close to fifty institutions and organizations, include Cezayir Restaurant Conference Hall, Kadıköy KargArt, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Museum and the Toy Museum.