A Different Perception

Ankara Cermodern hosted the show of a very special Azeri artist September 24 to 30. We talked briefly with Maryam Alakbarli.

What do you like best about the trips you make for exhibition openings in different countries?
The communication with people. Their love and affection for me.

Among the cities you’ve seen so far, which ones did you like best?
There is a trace in my paintings of every city I’ve been to so far. I really love Istanbul. And that love manifests itself in my work.

Is there any place you have not been to but would like to see?
I’d like to go to Barcelona, to see the works of Gaudi.

Who are the painters you like best and who have influenced you the most?
The Impressionists, all of them. Their art has a special place in my heart. The new colors, the new climate, the new perception.

What was the most exciting thing for you about your show in Turkey?
My 191 works are being exhibited for the first time in this show. This is very exciting.


Only 21 years old, Maryam is receiving positive reviews from the critics despite her young age. French critic Thierry Dufrêne has called her “the painter of light”, and the Azeri writer Elchin says that we see our most beautiful dreams in Maryam’s paintings.