The Bicycle Movement

Held To Wide Acclaim In More Than 20 Cities Around The World, The Bicycle Film Festival (Bff) Is Coming To Istanbul For The First Time.

Inspired by the tragic accident that befell American cyclist Brendt Barbur, the festival has now become a major international event.

Barbur, who grew up playing nature sports, was hit by a bus he noticed too late while riding his bike one day in a New York street. The accident triggered the festival when Barbur, moved by his own experience, asked himself what he could do for bicycle buffs and came up with the idea of the BFF eleven years ago.
An effective solution to both traffic and environmental pollution in major urban areas, the bicycle is already one of the main forms of transportation in some European cities. Perhaps the festival will add momentum to the fledging bike movement that has begun to catch on, albeit at a modest pace, in Istanbul too of late.

In addition to the films being screened at the Bicycle Film Festival, there will also be panel discussions, a photography exhibition, a bicycle tour and a closing concert. With all these features, the festival is not simply aimed at existing cycling buffs but is striving to attract new cycling buffs by simultaneously addressing different areas of interest.