Onward Without A Slip

Not A New Discipline For Turkey, Recently Ice Hockey Is Spreading Rapidly To Become A Popular Branch Of Sport.

The Turkish Ice Hockey Federation (TBHK) marked its 21st anniversary this year. Joining the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) already in its founding year, TBHF first organized the Turkish Ice Hockey League in 1993. Twelve teams have been competing in two groups in matches played since 2005 following a name change to the Turkish Ice Hockey Super League.

The Turkish National Ice Hockey Team has been competing in the IIHF’s Group C World Championships since 1992. In April of this year the Turkish national team became champions in this category for the first time by defeating Luxembourg 8-1 in the final match of the World Championship, held in Turkey’s eastern city of Erzurum.

The future is looking bright for Turkey in ice hockey, a sport in which the country has chalked up some significant successes in a very short time.

TBHF’s efforts have resulted in three international championships being held in Turkey at the end of this year and next year. Men’s 2nd Division Group B games will be played in Istanbul or İzmit during April 21-27, 2013 between Bulgaria, China, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Turkey. Under 18 3rd Division Group B games will be played in İzmit during February 2-9, 2013 between Ireland, Israel, South Africa, Turkey. Women’s 2nd Division Group B games will take place in Izmir during December 1-8, 2012 between Bulgaria, Ireland, Turkey.