Born To Surf

Lena Erdil Took First Place In The Women’s Section Of The Turkish Wind Surfing Championship At Alaçati Last Month.

Do surfers in Turkey get adequate support?
The kind of surfing I do is the slalom, and unfortunately it gets no federation support. Wind surfing in Turkey is under the jurisdiction of the Sailing Federation, and support is less for the non-Olympic disciplines. Nevertheless, the existence of the Turkish Wind Surfing League and the fact that one leg of the World Cup is held in Turkey are indicators that the sport is developing here.

What is the most difficult part of being a professional surfer?
The most difficult part of being a professional surfer is finding a sponsor. Turkish Airlines graciously covers a major part of the budget by providing ticket sponsorship. Apart from

The main impetus for Lena’s taking up surfing came from her parents, who actually met thanks to the sport. Lena’s family have given her their full support in every way. Lena spent her summers in the surfing schools at Çeşme from a young age. Later the family moved to Bodrum, one of the spots where Lena most enjoys surfing.