Environmentally Sensitive Accessories

As Environmental Pollution And Global Warming Intensify, Those Who Follow The Subject Continue To Offer New Ideas. One Example Of This Are The Creative Designs Aimed At Increasing Environmental Sensitivity.

● Environmentally sensitive umbrella: This umbrella is a mere skeleton, but you can cover it with any material you want, such as a newspaper, magazine or plastic bag, to keep from getting wet.
● Moss rug: Made of real moss, this bath mat is sustained by the humidity in your bathroom. The product is made of island moss and forest moss.
● Solar necklace: Consisting entirely of solar panels, this bracelet, which sparkles thanks to the energy it collects from the sun, makes a fabulous accessory.
● Plastic earrings: Although they may not look like it, these earrings are made entirely of plastic. Light and easy to wear, they are one of the creative designs made to reduce waste areas.

Digital Solution
Digital camera users are aware that they are spared the expense and bother of buying film and having prints made. Loading their photographs onto the computer and then organizing them the way they want is an enormous convenience. In addition, using a digital camera helps to protect the environment. Digital cameras, which eliminate the need to dispose of unused negatives, also reduce the use of highly toxic substances like acids and metol, which are hazardous to the environment and human health.