Fatima Spar’s Vienna

Fatima Spar Is A Musician Who Has Won Acclaim By Combining Balkan Melodies With Swing And Jazz. We Asked Her About Vienna, Where She Has Lived For 16 Years.

How has Vienna influenced your music?
There are no Viennese in our band, Fatima Spar and The Freedom Fries. The band members are Turkish, Irish, American, Serbian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian and Austrian. But our music was born in Vienna. The city introduced me to musical styles I hadn’t been interested in before and musicians with whom I wanted to play.

How does one tour Vienna through music?
Although Vienna is known more for classical music, it’s a perfect city of music in every sense. It’s full of venues making music of every kind from pop and jazz to ethnic and electronic. Students flock to the conservatories from all over the world. Because it is in the heart of Europe, lots of musicians, from upcoming bands future to world famous artists, give concerts in Vienna.

Fall in Vienna… What’s it like?
Our fall is short but sweet. The streets are deserted when summer ends and the schools open. Strolling down streets covered with a colorful carpet of fallen leaves is a source of peace and inspiration for artists.

Famous for its gardens and fountains, Schönbrunn Palace has 1200 rooms.

The 18th century Karlskirche stands out for its interesting architecture.

The garden of the Hofburg Imperial Palace.

The colorful dwellings called Hundertwasserhaus.