Song Of The Euphrates: Malatya

Watered By The Euphrates, Whose Waters Are Believed Will Never Diminish, Malatya Is Anatolia’s Face Turned To The Future.

Malatya is a lively, dynamic and vibrant city. Richness of nature cheek by jowl with the city center where modern urban life rules supreme makes it even more attractive. Best of all is that the natural beauty blends in with the cultural richness. Touring Karakaya Dam and Levent Valley, rafting on the Tohma River, and seeing the canyon and waterfall at Darende are some steps you need to take to explore nature around this city. Naturally this nature outing is also going to whet your appetite, so be sure to go to Sürgün Takas at the end of the day for a tasty trout feast in view of a spellbinding landscape. Sultansuyu, Orduzu Picnic Grounds, and İspendere Mineral Springs are some more places where you can enjoy nature if you have time.

Malatya is an oasis for aficionados of faith and culture tourism. Above all, Malatya is the city of Battal Gazi. Memories of the feats of this legendary hero remain fresh in Malatya. That’s why it makes sense to visit the memory of Battal Gazi as you seek the city’s past. You should also go to Nemrut, the mountain of kings, where the royal statues that have gazed silently on the history of Anatolia for thousands of years will take you on a splendid voyage through history. Be sure to see them at sunrise or sunset. With Aslantepe Mound, Malatya Museum and Taşhan, as well as mausoleums and medieval churches, Malatya is a cultural basin that has left a mark on history.

The best way to get to know Malatya is to see its small towns, where you can find traces of scores of civilizations, notably the ancient Commagene Kingdom. Offering different cultural richness at every step, Darende is like an open air museum. Akçadağ, where race horses are bred, also attracts notice for its Hittite rock reliefs. And Battal Gazi, Arguvan, Doğanşehir, Yazıhan and Pütürge lie waiting to be explored with their castles, mosques, and unusual cultural textures.

You can find fine examples of wood carving at Malatya. Carpet and kilim connoisseurs can easily find specimens with original designs woven in the villages.

Malatya apricots are world-famous. As you tour the city of the apricot, go to Şire Market, where you can find the precious fruit itself as well as all its processed forms from jam to sheets of dried pulp (pestil).

Malatya is also famous for its meatballs. With over 130 varieties on offer, it’s up to you to find the one that pleases your palate.