Bows, Arrows, Horses And Tradition

The Horseback Archery Club Of Biga In Çanakkale Province Is Introducing This Millennia-Old Tradition To The Masses And Fueling Its Popularity.

The horse and the arrow are two of the most potent symbols of Turkish culture. Many sources relate how Turkish cavalrymen galloping at full speed could suddenly turn on a dime and hit a target with their bow and arrow. Use of the bow and arrow was always in the forefront, whether in war, in hunting to flush game, or at festivals.

District governor (Sanjak-beg) of Biga in the 18th century, Osman Bey was also a skilled archer for whom a stone was erected on Istanbul’s Okmeydanı (Archery Field) to commemorate an arrow he shot there in 1726. He is being remembered now in a Horse Archery Festival to be held at Biga.

Archers from around the world are coming together at the International Traditional Archery Contests, to be held at Biga, August 31 to September 2.