Your Far East Bag

Inevitably, The Magic Of The Far East Is Going To Fuel Your Passion For Shopping. The Minute You Get Over Your Jet Lag In Tokyo, You’re Going To Find Yourself On A Fast-Paced Shopping Marathon.

Here are some clues for making that marathon more fun and rewarding.

At the technology center, the secret is to buy the new products that have just appeared on the market, because they are cheaper then in Japan.

The top floors of buildings and the back streets of Tokyo can open the door to discounts and products you were not expecting. Don’t forget to check out the blogs and websites that announce upcoming discounts.

Some stores in Tokyo do not accept credit cards. Be sure to have plenty of cash on you so as not to be caught out by the early closing of the ATM’s.

The currency unit is the Yen, so be careful when calculating cargo fees. Bargaining in the Yen is another problem, so if you’re hunting for bargains, visit the 100 Yen shops.

You can find inexpensive goods in the Oriental Bazaars, generally located in the Shibuya-ku district.

Most important of all is your size. Since the Japanese tend to be smaller, knowing your size will eliminate possible difficulties.