Ankara Exclusive

In Its 30th Year, The Ankara International Music Festival Is Welcoming A Very Special Guest, Lara Fabian. We Spoke With Fabian As She Prepares To Bring Ankara Music Lovers An Unforgettable Concert On The Evening Of April 12.

Do you have any special memories of your first visit to Turkey?

I first came to Turkey when I was 18. I had a fantastic time at the Çeşme Music Festival. And the taste of the delicious Turkish food is still on my palate.


What excites you the most on tour?

The moment when I come on stage and my eyes meet those of the audience. Coming to an audience with a brand new repertoire is a great feeling. That’s what excites me the most when I’m on tour.


Is there any place you especially prefer for your holidays?

Since I have such a heavy schedule I prefer to vacation in quiet places, so Canada is my favorite. I can have the calm and peaceful vacation I need there.


The 30th Ankara International Music Festival, April 4 to 30, is bringing audiences jazz, flamenco and classical musicians from both Turkey and abroad. For program details: