Turkey Through The Eyes Of Travelers

President Of The Ankara Travelers Group, Timur Özkan Has Collected In Two Volumes The Writings Of 83 Writers Who Have Taken Up Pen And Paper To Describe The Beauty Of Seven Regions Of Turkey.

Its first volume on the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions, its second about the Black Sea and Central, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey Through the Eyes of Travelers is a work in which each writer describes the place of his choice in a lively style that inspires the reader to go there.

Consequently, there are few places that are not mentioned in at least one of the 119 pieces that make up these two volumes, which are a source of inspiration not only for travelers but to all those who are keen to write up their own travel experiences and the places they have seen. Turkey Through the Eyes of Travelers, to which Skylife editors Hasan Mert Kaya and Melih Uslu have also contributed, is expected to take its place in our library as a collective travel book. And the biographies at the back of the book are tantamount to a small-scale travel writers encyclopedia.