Scandinavia In Five Questions

The white nights are starting in Scandinavia where grey skies are giving way to blue. Let’s see how well you know this region…

01_ Denmark’s Lindholm Høje is known to be the world’s best-preserved  Viking site. So  where are these hills chock full of clues to the Vikings?

  Viborg   Skagen   Friedrichshafen   Aalborg

02_ Northern Europe’s biggest music festival takes place just 32 kilometers from Copenhagen. Can you name  this festival, which kicks off this year  on June 29?

  Sziget   Roskilde   Sónar   Rock Werchter

03_ Named for a world-renowned Norwegian painter, this museum is one of Oslo’s most-visited venues. Who is this painter who has carved out a place  in our memories with his painting, The Scream?
Jackson Pollock  Henri Matisse   Edvard Munch   Paul Cézanne

04_ At the near Lake Malaren at Stockholm, are three islands with settlements going back to the Middle Ages. What is the name of this place which means Old Town?

  Gamla Stan   Sodermalm   Gardet   Ostermalm

05_ Sweden’s second largest city after Stockholm is known for its extensive parks and wide boulevards. What is the name of this city famous for its white nights?

  Malmö   Boden   Flen   Gothenburg