Wilco Van Herpen’s Kaş

We asked Istanbul-based traveler and photographer Wilco Van Herpen about Kaş, where he has lived for many years.

How did you come to know Kaş?
The first time I went Kaş it was for filming. I didn’t know anything about the place, but my cameraman was more than enthusiastic. This is going to be both work and vacation for us, he told me, and he was right. It’s impossible to visit Kaş and not have the feeling that you came on vacation. The week and a half passed as if it was just one day. There was so much to do, and the mood was so light and casual.

 What is Kaş like in spring?
It’s like a fairy tale. The weather is very nice - not too hot - and the sun warms your bones. The sea starts to warm up again too. The mountains are carpeted with green, and thousands of flowers glisten in the spring sunlight. There are not too many tourists around yet, which gives the town a more authentic feel. It’s nice to see everybody getting themselves and their shops ready for summertime.

 What would you recommend to  those who want to get to know Kaş?
Five minutes from Kaş you’ll find an ancient amphitheatre with a wonderful panoramic view of the town, the  sea and the island of Meis. In the evening you can stroll around the town’s charming center and enjoy the many great restaurants.