Scent Of The Orange Blossom

Renowned For Cultural Events Like The Golden Boll International Film Festival And Sabanci International Adana Theater Festival, Adana This Year Is Hosting A New Event, The Orange Blossom Festival, On April 13.

Enjoy a fresh new festival amidst the fragrance of orange blossoms in the southern city of Adana, which boasts a legacy of different times and different cultures in its Stone Bridge, Great Clock Tower, Great Mosque and Sabancı Central Mosque. A first in Turkey, the carnival is slated to take on international dimensions in the near future.

Spearheaded by Ali Haydar Bozkurt, the project also has the backing of sponsors ranging from Adana Metropolitan Municipality and Altın Koza, Inc., to artists like Feridun Düzağaç and İpek Tuzcuoğlu. What’s more, besides the city’s dedicated businessmen, high level executives of various NGO’s as well as politicians and members of the press are also making major contributions.


“April is the best time in Adana… Orange blossom season… The weather is terrific, neither hot nor cold, ‘like lemonade’ as we like to say!

You stroll through Adana’s streets with its warm, friendly people, and the intoxicating fragrance of orange blossoms carried on the breeze will envelop you 24/7. Adana natives always come back to the city for the orange blossom season. So please note April on your calendar so as not to miss the excitement, which comes only once a year for at most two weeks.  We especially look forward to seeing all of you on April 13 - when the carnival starts and the orange blossoms are at their most potent - for an unforgettable experience.”

Ayas Castle

Crown portal of historic Yağ (Oil) Mosque

Kebab served Adana-style with garnishes

Local sweets made with walnuts and filberts