Sinan’s Masterpiece

Selimiye Mosque And Social Complex, Which Is Included On Unesco’s Natural And Cultural Heritage List, Is One Of The Most Treasured Buildings In Ottoman Architecture.

Tips for your visit:
•          Visit Edirne Museum inside the Selimiye Complex madrasas.
•          See the tomb of Ahmet III’s son, Crown Prince Selim (d.1718), in the outer courtyard.
•          Don’t miss the tile panels around the mihrab, which are masterpieces of Ottoman tile work.
•          Feel the beauty of the minarets and the splendor of the dome designed by Mimar Sinan.

The Mosque that Made Mimar Sinan Sleepless
Determined to built a dome bigger and more impressive than that of the Hagia Sophia, Sinan spent several sleepless nights designing Selimiye Mosque, and in the end he achieved his goal. Selimiye Mosque today is one of Mimar Sinan’s most magnificent monuments.

What: Mosque and Social Complex
Where: Edirne
When: 1568-1575
Date added to UNESCO list: 2011