Forever Young, May 19

Lit on May 19, 1919, the torch of Turkey’s War of Liberation has come to symbolize the country’s dynamism.

Landing in Samsun during the difficult days of 1919, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk dedicated this important step in the national struggle to the nation’s youth.  In his address to the nation, Ataturk emphasized the importance he placed on young people: “I address my remarks to the youth of our country especially. Young people! It is you who strengthen and sustain our courage. Through the education and knowledge you receive, you will be the most precious exemplars of human virtue, love of country, and freedom of thought. Oh, rising young generations! The future is yours. We founded the Republic. It is you who will nurture and exalt it.”
Ataturk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day, May 19, continues to inspire and motivate young people who aspire to take the torch lit on May 19, 1919 even higher.