Shades Of Turkey In China

Numerous events were staged in 2012 in connection with the Year of Chinese Culture in Turkey. Now it’s time for a return visit.

Aimed at further developing relations between China and Turkey, the Culture Years are continuing.  Last year, events promoting Chinese history and culture were mounted in a total of 40 cities in Turkey as part of the Year of Chinese Culture. The event provided an opportunity for the two peoples to get to know each other better. This year in turn is the Year of Turkish Culture in China. A variety of shows, exhibitions and other programs are being staged in 12 cities in China to promote Turkish culture. The  events were officially opened in Beijing on March 21, and in Shanghai on March 25.

This Month

Mozart’s opera, The Abduction from the Seraglio, is being staged by the Turkish State Opera and Ballet at the Chinese National Show Center on May 1 and 2. In addition, works such as Güldestan, Harem and Barbaros, which were performed to great acclaim in earlier productions, will also be staged at various festivals around the country.
Towards the end of May, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra is going on tour to Beijing and Guangzhou among others.

The Coming Program

The State Folk Dance Ensemble and the Art Music and Folk Music teams will take part in festivals.
The Ottoman  “mehter” military band will perform in the streets.
Fashion shows and food promotions reflecting Turkish culture will also be part of the Year of Turkish Culture program, and a selection of Turkish films will be shown at the Beijing International Film Festival.
A portion of the famous Topkapı Palace collection of Chinese porcelain will go on exhibit in Shanghai.
A ballet performance, titled “The Call of Mevlana” and choreographed by  Mehmet Balkan, is planned at the closing in connection with the Şeb-i Arus, or Mevlana Commemoration Day, on December 17. 

Sponsored By Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, which was a sponsor of the Chinese Culture Ministry last year, is a sponsor this year of the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey.