Be A World Local

Finally a holiday guide that fits in your pocket. Here are some free apps to make life easier when you’re away from home.

The Nearest Restaurant?
YELP is all you need to find out where to meet an urgent need without asking anybody when you’re on holiday. And it gives  you upwards of 36 million user reviews for every venue you might need. (iPhone, iPad  & Android)

Which Way Should I Go?
WAZE shows you the way and gives you information about it together with user reviews. Integrated with Facebook, it can even show you your friends vacationing in the vicinity. (iPhone, iPad & Android)

What Do I Need to See?
Amid a plethora of apps in this area, Triposo stands out for being accurate and up-to-date. The app instantly scans the leading tourism sites and makes daily recommendations with weather conditions in mind. (iPhone, iPad & Android)

This Must Be an Important Place!
Using a photo shot by you, the Google Search app’s Goggles add-on scans the Wikipedia database and finds the relevant topic to bring you everything you want to know.  (iPhone, iPad & Android)