Shadow Of Istanbul Falls On Luxembourg

Istanbul, City of Lights and Shadows, an exhibition by Timurtaş Onan, one of Turkey’s most prominent photographers, is in Luxembourg.

In Istanbul, a city whose colors are as spellbinding as its skyline, black and white take on further significance in a silhouette that gives the impression of having been drawn with a single brushstroke. And Timurtaş Onan, a photographer with a passion for Istanbul, has focused his lens on Istanbul’s magical black-and-white in his latest show, Istanbul: City of Lights and Shadows, at Luxembourg’s Place Guillaume through June 6.
Black-and-white and analog shots comprise all the photos in this latest show in the Istanbul series Onan has been producing since 2004. The photographer brings Istan-bulophiles frames frozen in time from the vibrant and constant flux of the city’s life. In documentary style, he brings to Luxembourg the chiaroscuro not only in the city’s soul but in the lives of its residents as well. 

The first program in a series of events dubbed the 1st Turkey-Luxembourg Intercultural Art Dialogues and slated to continue throughout the year, has been devoted to photographer Timurtaş Onan.

Who Is Timurtaş Onan?
The recipient of more than 40 national and international photography awards and an “AFIAP-FIAP (International Federation of Photographic Art) Artist”, Timurtaş Onan, who works in a documentary style, has three books as well as several short films to his name.