Art In Elazığ

In its sixth year, the Elazığ International Çayda Çıra Film and Art Festival is devoting its program to mothers.

Aspiring to become one of Anatolia’s major art festivals, this event aims to foster interest in the visual arts. Besides film screenings, the program also features photography and painting exhibitions as well as a range of educational workshops. Züleyha is giving the opening concert of the festival, which honors mothers and, through them, women in general. Dates are May 12 to 17 for this festival bringing Turkish art together with world art in Elazığ. 

While In Elazığ...
Watch the ‘çayda çıra’ folk dance  for which the festival is named.
Tour Harput and Lake Hazar.
Drink “çedene” coffee and taste the “Elazığ orçik”, a sort of confectionery.