‘444 0 THY’ is most successful call center

The ‘Istanbul Call Center Awards’, the first of their kind in Turkey, recently found their recipients for 2006.

And the Turkish Airlines Call Center was chosen as the most successful in Turkey in the ‘Performance’ category. The award was presented to Turkish Airlines on 9 November in a ceremony at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center. In a talk he gave following the awards ceremony, Turkish Airlines President Dr. Temel Kotil said, “The basic factor in boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty lies in understanding the customer. We decided to go from being reactive to being proactive by increasing the number of personnel at our Call Center from 120 to 520. As a result, while our daily response rate in 2005 was 45%, in 2006 it rose to 95%. I believe this award is an indication of our progress along the right road, and I am therefore very happy.” Kotil also thanked all the Call Center employees whose efforts made the receipt of the award possible. The award was celebrated at the Call Center on
14 November in festivities attended by both employees and management.