Special talks for Turkish Airlines’ cabin personnel

Turkish Airlines recently trained its cabin personnel through a series of talks.

The talks, given by Betül Mardin, Vedat Başaran and Mehmet Yalçın, were well received by the cabin chiefs and other employees, Some 680 cabin chiefs and employees attended Betül Mardin’s talk, which focused on the rules of etiquette and how they have changed since the 1930s. Vedat Başaran, who spoke about Turkish cuisine from the Ottoman period up to the present, passed along important tips about the phases and varieties of eating, cabin personnel nutrition, and the importance of service. As part of its efforts to improve the quality of service, Turkish Airlines has begun training its personnel on the subject of wine and other drinks. A writer for the daily Milliyet and editor of the monthly Gusto, Mehmet Yalçın has been serving as a consultant for the airline’s refreshments department for two years on the subject of wine and other alcoholic beverages. In his training sessions, Mr Yalçın emphasized that the alcoholic beverage service is an important competitive factor in air transport and that Turkish Airlines was proud of the quality of drinks it serves as well as the elegance of that service.