Turkish Airlines promotes Turkey in Kuwait

Turkish Airlines hosted a ‘Turkey Promotional Dinner’ in Kuwait on 22 August. Invited guests included Kuwaiti travel agents and members of the press, who took part in tours (fam trips) on which Turkish Airlines’ Kuwait Office briefed them on both Istanbul, Antalya-Bodrum and the Black Sea and on SPA and medical centers in Turkey. The opening talk and presentations were given by Turkish Airlines’ Regional Director for the Middle East and Cyprus, Özlem Öztürk Salihoğlu, and Kuwait Director Tarkan Ince. At the dinner, where Turkey’s ambassador to Kuwait, Şakir Fakılı, spoke as the Airline’s honorary guest, other guests of the Airline, including Emin Çakmak, a member of the Foreign Economic Relations Board Turkey-Gulf States Business Council, talked about investment and business opportunities in Turkey. Meanwhile Ela Atakan, who is in charge of Institutional Relations for TÜRSAB, gave a richly informative presentation on Turkish tourism.