Turkish Airlines spreads ‘Anatolian Fire’ across the world

Backed by Turkish Airlines, ‘Anatolian Fire’ is promoting Turkish culture, values, history and traditions around the world. As Turkey’s gateway to the world, Turkish Airlines is sponsor of the Anatolian Fire Dance Troupe, whose performances make enormous contributions to promoting the country. Following a transportation sponsorship agreement signed exclusively with Turkish Airlines, the troupe gave its 1001st performance at the Abdi on 14 September for Turkish Airlines employees and their families .
Prior to the special show, Turkish Airlines president Temel Kotil and Anatolian Fire Artistic Director Mustafa Erdoğan attended a press conference held to announce the agreement. Temel Kotil, who spoke to a capacity crowd of Turkish Airlines families at the Sports Center, said that Anatolian Fire would now spread across the whole world thanks to Turkish Airlines. Following his remarks, Kotil also presented Mustafa Erdoğan with a model airplane.