Turkish Airlines to revive frigate Ertuğrul

Turkish Airlines has become the official transportation sponsor of ‘A Turkish Ship in Japan: The Frigate Ertuğrul', a project aimed at bringing up the ruins of the frigate Ertuğrul, which sank with its 500-man crew while returning from a successful voyage to Japan.

The project is slated to take three years. Speaking at the signing ceremony which was held at the Bodrum Center of the Underwater Archaeological Institute and attended by Turkish Airlines Board Chairman Dr. Candan Karlıtekin, Institute President Tufan Turanlı said: “In the Frigate Ertuğrul project we aim to revive the memories of the Turkish heroes who lie buried in the water 10 thousand kilometers from their homeland, and to further cement the friendship engendered between our two countries by this tragic incident.” Speaking at the ceremony, Karlıtekin expressed the airline’s great pleasure in sponsoring the project, and went on, “Here at Turkish Airlines, we see our mission as contributing not only to Turkey’s economic development but to her social and cultural development as well. We believe that by bringing the Ertuğrul to the light of day we will not only be perpetuating our cultural heritage but also passing it along to future generations.”