Growing interest in Turkish Airlines

Currently engaged in joining the Star Alliance, Turkish Airlines last week welcomed officials of three different airlines to Istanbul.

High-level executives, among them presidents, of Malaysian Airlines, Syria Airlines and Air Astana came to Turkey to discuss with Turkish Airlines officials the possibilities of cooperation in the commercial, technical and training areas. Participating in the talks, which were hosted by Turkish Airlines President Temel Kotil, Ph.D., were Idris Jala of Malaysian Airlines, Nachaat Numir of Syria Airlines, and Peter Foster of Air Astana, all top executives with their companies. Turkish Airlines’ Technic General Manager İsmail Demir also took part in the talks. In an assessment he made of the meeting, Turkish Airlines President Temel Kotil, Ph.D., said that his airline had chalked up major successes in the last four years and that one of the spinoffs of this success was that other airlines were now seeking cooperation with Turkish Airlines. Pointing out that such cooperation had been discussed with the Malaysia, Syria and Kazakhstan airlines, Kotil went on to say: “In the talks we had, we saw that we could come up with a number of joint projects in the technical, commercial and educational areas. We made significant progress on possibilities for cooperation that would benefit both sides. We signed a protocol with Syria Airlines and Air Astana to develop technical, educational and commercial cooperation. Working groups made up of our executive colleagues are going to come together to concretize the desire for cooperation that we’ve all expressed and to start coming up with projects.”

Expressing his pleasure on behalf of the airline that the week had passed so fruitfully, Temel Kotil said: “As a result of the cooperation we are going to undertake, our airline’s operations and productivity are going to be further enhanced. At the same time the alternatives we can offer our passengers are going to be enriched.”

Explaining that Turkish Airlines was going to boost its number of passengers to 20 million this year following a 20% growth spurt, Kotil added: “We are garnering a larger share by the day of the international market in which we compete with serious rivals. Turkish Airlines has risen to a prominent position in world aviation. In March 2008 negotiations with the Star Alliance will enter their final phase and the process of joining will be complete.”