Turkish Airlines number one in Europe

The fastest growing airline in the European Airlines Association, Turkish Airlines has also been ranked number one in baggage handling, fewest bags lost, and punctual take-offs.

The 2006 3rd quarter report of the European Airlines Association, whose members make 10,720 flights a day on 2,400 aircraft reaching 620 destinations in 160 countries, ranked Turkish Airlines the fasting growing in terms of passengers carried. Among the 31 member airlines, which include Europe’s largest such as Lufthansa, British Airways, Air France, KLM and Iberia, Turkish Airlines placed first with a growth rate of 23.5% in September on the same period last year. Turkish Airlines also placed first among the top ten airlines in punctuality with 86.5% on-time takeoffs. According to the report, when all flights are considered, Turkish Airlines’ lost luggage rate was 0.043%, simultaneously making it the most reliable airline. The average rate of lost luggage among European Airline Association members is 0.167%.