2008 IATA Congress in Istanbul

The IATA summer 2007 Board of Directors meeting was held in the Canadian city of Vancouver on 2 June.

Discussed at the meeting, at which important decisions were taken regarding the aviation sector, were topics such as the implementation of e-tickets and the IOSA Audit. Following the meeting, which was attended by Turkish Airlines President Temel Kotil, Ph.D., the 63rd Annual IATA Congress was held. Both Mr Kotil and Dr. Candan Karlıtekin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish Airlines, were present at the congress, in which executives of over 700 firms participated. On the second day of the congress, which took up topics such as airport security procedures and environment-related issues, it was announced that the 2008 IATA meeting would be held in Istanbul. Temel Kotil, the first Turk to be elected to the IATA board of directors, said he would be very pleased to welcome the IATA members to Istanbul and added: “We at Turkish Airlines feel honored that the 64th IATA meeting is going to be held on the Bosphorus at Istanbul, gateway to the Silk Road, and a modern hub linking Asia, Europe and the Middle East.”