Turkish Airlines meets Airmax

In keeping with its mission as Turkey’s flagship carrier, Turkish Airlines is continuing to follow developments of every kind in its sector and to be a pioneer among airlines in new implementations.

In May of this year, for example, the airline began monitoring its international flights using the Airmax 6.3 Revenue Manager. Created by the firm Sabre, Revenue Manager is a program that employs advanced forecast programs to determine passenger demand and ensure inventory control based on them. As one of the primary functions of revenue management systems, inventory control makes it possible to determine how many seats on each aircraft are to be reserved for each fare group in a multi-fare structure. Such demand forecasts are made by taking into account a number of criteria such as fare structure and market conditions, which vary for each flight, socio-economic factors valid for each point of departure and arrival, intensity of demand, and available resources. As a result of the forecasts, attractive alternatives can be developed by dynamic pricing, benefits can be offered, and revenue increases can be planned to take advantage of empty seats in periods of low demand. Thanks to the new Revenue Management System, Turkish Airlines is going to offer passengers more competitive fares while at the same time targeting a 5% increase in existing revenue as well as an improvement in service quality and competitiveness.