Turkish Airlines holds a promotional meeting in Düsseldorf

Turkish Airlines organized a promotional and informative meeting in the German city of Düsseldorf on 14 June.

Speaking at the meeting, Turkish Airlines coordinator for North Rhine - Westphalia (NRW) İsa Al pointed out that the airline has flights to 136 destinations in 68 countries as well as holding the title for second most punctual airline in Europe. NRW’s Transportation Minister, Oliver Wittke, who also took part in the meeting, emphasized that Turkish Airlines was one of the first major airlines to come to Düsseldorf and that this was an important factor with regard the European Union. At the meeting, which took up cultural, social and commercial relations between the two countries, in his talk, Turkish Airlines Board o Directors, Candan Karlıtekin, emphasized that the new enterprises, which are proliferating by the day, would continue to grow in power and influence in the years ahead. Tourism Attaché Dr. Tahsin Yılmaz spoke of the developments Turkish Airlines has brought about in the tourism and transportation sector. Expressing his pleasure in the development of Turkish-German relations, Düsseldorf Airport spokesman Christoph Blume said, “We fly to Turkey as if we are flying to our neighbors. Our relations are developing continuously. And we are very pleased by this.” The evening, which was attended by NRW MP and Chairman of the Turkish-German Parliamentarians Group, Wolfgang Röken, Düsseldorf Consul-General Hakan Olcay and Essen Consul-General Munis Dirik, ended with a folk dance show given by the Dortmund Turkish Educational Center.