Turkish Airlines’ new CIP Lounge goes into service in Izmir

With its growing passenger capacity, number of planes and flight destinations, Turkish Airlines is serving its passengers in a brand new space with a brand new concept.

Following the remodeling of the domestic terminal, a new CIP Lounge has opened at Izmir’s Adnan Menderes Airport. The approximately 230 square-meter space can accommodate 44 persons at a given time, with special sections such as a Business Corner, a smoking area, and an infant-care room, and offering passengers such services as daily newspapers and magazines, computers and laser printers, internet access, TV (satellite channels), fax services, a checkroom, and an in-lounge announcement system. The Lounge is open to Business Class passengers, holders of Turkish Airlines Special Miles&Smiles Frequent Flyer Program Classic Plus, Elite and Elite Plus cards, and Corporate Incentive Program member-company employees. The architecture of the new lounge was designed and implemented by Kuddusi Burkut, a professional architect employed by Turkish Airlines’ own Directorate of Real Estate and Construction. Burkut had this to say about the design of the new CIP Lounge: “The circular wall at the entrance embraces the entering guest and presents a warm welcoming area. The idea of the floor, which consists of flowers in an aquarium, was to ‘welcome’ entering passengers and bid ‘farewell’ to departing passengers. The circular area is made up of olive branches as a sign that we want to live in peace, and the entwined pink and white tulips represent our Turkish Airlines fleet. The roses in the bouquet signify the beauty and love that we bear to the world. We of the Turkish Airlines family would like our tulips (our airplanes) to bring love and beauty to a world filled with peace. We offer this beauty, unfaded and undimmed, to all our passengers, thereby bringing the world to their feet. The seats in the new lounge are upholstered in Chintamani brocade designs to represent strength and power. The carpet designs are made up of Turkey flowers. The many motifs we have used in the design of the lounge -the turquoise Iznik tiles, for example- exhibit traces of our traditional Turkish art and architecture.”