Support for job health and safety from THY Technic

The first ‘Job Health and Safety Fair’, organized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, was held 3-6 May at the Istanbul Harbiye Military Museum and Cultural Site.

At the fair, where job health and safety equipment and personal protective products were displayed, THY Technic was the only actual user rather than producer of such items participating. 
THY Technic engineers shared their job health and safety practices at the fair and answered questions on the subject. In an assessment he made of the event, THY Technic President İsmail Demir, Ph.D. said that they were pleased to be contributing to the development of job health and safety awareness by sharing their practices in the field. Pointing out that Turkish Airlines’ job health and safety practices were built on its concept of quality and experience going back to 1933 and that its sensitivity to the issue was documented by the certificates it has received, Demir added, “Here at Turkish Airlines, which has put its signature on a number of firsts in every aspect of civil aviation, we pioneer willingly in the areas of job health and safety and environmental concerns so as to leave future generations in our country a livable environment. Our presence as the sole user firm at this first fair is evidence of our commitment.”