Turkish Airlines’ target: a ‘Precise Operation’

Thanks to its hardworking personnel and the success of its operations in 2006, Turkish Airlines has risen to second place in Europe in on-time takeoff rate.

During the intensive summer season, the airline is pursuing its efforts to further enhance its existing success and preserve the standard it has attained. As part of its customer-oriented approach, Turkish Airlines is setting up a new working group in order to raise its takeoff/arrival performance even higher. Group members will come together every fortnight to determine the conditions necessary for realizing a ‘Precise On-time Operation’ and to study ways of improving takeoff/arrival performance. Taking into account the dense traffic at Istanbul Atatürk Airport, which is being used as the main base, the group will work even harder to preserve the success that has already been achieved and further improve it. The target is to bring last year’s 84% on-time takeoff/arrival performance to more than 85% this year.