Turkish Airlines support for Red Crescent

A sponsor of the Turkish Red Crescent Society in its long-standing national and international humanitarian relief operations mainly to Pakistan and Africa, Turkish Airlines and the Society recently signed a cooperative agreement.

The signing ceremony, held on 16 May at the Airline’s Headquarters, was attended by Board Chairman Candan Karlıtekin, CEO Temel Kotil, Deputy Board Chairman Hamdi Topçu and the Chairman of the Turkish Red Crescent Society, Tekin Küçükali, and Board Member Kaan Kırali.
Following the ceremony, Kırali presented a plaque of appreciation to Karlıtekin for the airline’s support up to now. “Turkish Airlines has always been at our side whenever we needed help,” said Kırali, adding, “We hope that their support will constitute a model for others to emulate.”
Karlıtekin for his part said that he was happy to say that the airline’s support for the Red Crescent would continue. “Here at Turkish Airlines,” he went on, “we are going to give support in a number of different areas such as bringing relief both in Turkey and abroad, transporting blood and blood products, and promoting the Red Crescent through our Skylife magazine both in-flight and in our other venues. The protocol we are going to sign today is an expression of our pledge to make good what is in our hearts.”
Within the framework of its support for the Red Crescent, Turkish Airlines in 2006 carried over three hundred tons of relief supplies and six thousand kilograms of blood and blood products. And the scale of its support is going to be increased even further through the agreement just signed.