74th anniversary excitement at Turkish Airlines

With a long standing in the aviation industry, Turkish Airlines, Turkey’s national flagship carrier, celebrated its 74th anniversary in a series of festive events.

The Airline’s executives and employees first came together at festivities organized in the garden of its Executive Office Building on 18 May. Casual dress was the word on this day when everyone was excused from work and food was consumed and songs sung to the accompaniment of live music. Coming together at Taksim Square on 20 May, Turkish Airlines executives and ground personnel from 68 countries laid a wreath on the monument to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, founder of the airline and architect of modern Turkey, and observed a moment of silence. Bearing the flags of their respective countries, ground personnel from around the world took part in the ceremony, which was also attended by the Airline’s President Temel Kotil. In a talk he gave at the ceremony, Kotil said that Turkish Airlines, founded in 1933, was Turkey’s representative in the skies, carrying passengers to Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Kotil expressed what a pleasure it was to have Turkish Airlines employees from every country together in Istanbul on such an important day and added: “We are welcoming here today our local employees on the ground from 68 different countries. Among them are Italians, Japanese, Germans, Chinese, Americans, Indians and Arabs. All the colors of the world are represented at Turkish Airlines. And we intend to take the legacy left us by Atatürk to even greater heights. The Turkish Airlines family has achieved outstanding success as Europe’s fastest growing aviation company. Our goal is to make Turkish Airlines number one in quality. I congratulate you all on our 74th anniversary.”
The 74th year festivities continued with a Turkish Airlines Festival and concert by Sezen Aksu on 20 May at which the airline’s employees and their families and friends sang along with the popular singer’s songs. The magical evening concluded with Board Chairman Candan Karlıtekin presenting Aksu with orchids brought specially from Singapore and Airline President Temel Kotil presenting her with a Turkish Airlines model plane.