Civil aviation talks between Turkey and Moldova

A meeting was held in Kishinev 17-18 May to reconsider the question of scheduled and charter flights between Turkey and Moldova.

Attending the meeting was a high-level delegation consisting of the Turkish Airlines’ board chairman Candan Karlıtekin and Deputy Chairman Hamdi Topçu on behalf of the airline, and Turkey’s General Director of Civil Aviation, Ali Arıduru, and Assistant General Director, Haydar Yalçın. Following the talks between the representatives of the two countries’ national airlines, Turkish Airlines and Air Moldova, a Mutual Agreement (MoU) was signed between the two countries and a Cooperation Protocol between the two airlines. Under the agreement, the number of flights between the two countries, which currently stands at seven return per week, will be increased to ten in 2007, to 12 in 2008 and to 14 in 2009. The protocol, which is to go into effect as soon as possible, envisages the development of commercial cooperation between Turkish Airlines and Air Moldova, and research into the possibility of closer cooperation in areas such as training of cockpit and other personnel, technical maintenance, sectoral software and related issues.