Turkish Airlines’ ‘mystery shoppers and volunteer observers’

To boost the quality of the service it offers its passengers, Turkish Airlines has begun implementing a mystery shopper and volunteer observer program.

The aim of the project, which is being conducted by Customer Relations Management (CRM), is to evaluate the quality of services offered pre-, during, and post-flight through previously determined scenarios. Assuming various customer roles, trained personal employed by an independent research firm evaluate every step of the flying experience. The ‘volunteer observers’ are Turkish Airlines’ passengers. Up to now 102 Turkish Airlines’ passengers have shared their views and suggestions following flights they made as ‘volunteer observers’. In light of those evaluations, the relevant units will now undertake a study. Turkish Airlines, for whom customer satisfaction is always the top priority, can be reached 24/7 either through the Call Center at 444 0 849 (THY), over the website at www.thy.com, or by fax at (0212) 465 23 06. Customers may also use the web blog service to record their impressions in the ‘Passenger’s Travel Notes’ section.