Turkey and Pakistan develop tourism cooperation

Pursuing their efforts to develop tourism between the two countries, Turkey and Pakistan organized an event to this end in the Pakistani city of Karachi on 27-28 March.

The event, held at the Sheraton Hotel with a total of 350 invited guests, was attended by Pakistan’s Tourism Minister Nilofar Bakhtiar, Turkish Airlines President Temel Kotil and other airline executives as well as officials of TÜRSAB, consular officials and 22 travel agents operating in Pakistan. Reciprocal country presentations were given by TÜRSAB and the Pakistan Tourism Minister at the meeting, where samples of Turkish music and Turkish cuisine were also on offer. A round-trip Istanbul-Karachi ticket was also awarded in a prize-draw organized for guests. Important decisions were taken and progress achieved on the subject of further expanding efforts to develop trade agreements and bilateral relations between the two countries.