Turkish Airlines reaches out South Africa

Following the Turkish Foreign Ministry’s declaration of 2005 as ‘the year of Africa’, Turkish Airlines in 2006 introduced new routes in Africa to the Sudanese capital Khartoum, the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa and to Nigeria’s biggest city Lagos, as well as contributing to joint flights to Kenya.

After suspending flights to South Africa in March 2003, Turkish Airlines aims now, in light of changing and developing conditions, to add Johannesburg and Capetown to its flight network by mid-September of this year, thereby extending its service to the farthest corners of the continent.

Meanwhile a Turkish Airlines delegation headed by Deputy Board Chairman Hamdi Topçu engaged in contacts to assess market conditions on the spot in these two major South African cities. Holding bilateral talks with a high-level trade delegation from South African Airlines, the Turkish delegation evaluated prospects for joint flights and other forms of cooperation. Following the consensus reached in the talks, regular flights are targeted four times a week, to be increased to daily in stages.

Turkish Airlines officials also visited the Turkish Consulate and met with Turkish businessmen and executives in a mutual exchange of ideas regarding commercial and economic relations between Turkey and South Africa.