Fly with confidence on Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines, for whom flight safety is a top priority, has once again documented the reliability of its aircraft.

The level of operational safety of the airline’s planes, which are maintained entirely by Turkish Technic, came number one in Europe among 27 airlines that are members of the Association of European Airlines (AEA). With a score of 99.6%, Turkish Airlines’ planes exceeded the AEA average of 97.6% for operational safety. ‘Operational safety’ is defined as a plane’s making a flight at the planned time with no malfunction of any kind. Expressing Turkish Technic, Inc.’s great pleasure in the success of its safely inspection program, the company’s president, İsmail Demir, Ph.D., said, “The safety inspection program went into effect in 2005 to ensure the flight safety and continuous comfort of Turkish Airlines’ planes. As a result of this program, Turkish Airlines used the planes in its fleet at an efficiency level about 20 percent above the world average and made its flights at the highest possible level of usability. The fact that Turkish Airlines has a young fleet naturally plays an important role in its performance.”