Turkish Airlines rises to four stars in the prestige league

Skytrax assesses airports and airlines for their quality standards and the services they provide based on 750 different parameters.

In a recent assessment the firm raised Turkish Airlines from three to four stars, putting it among the most prestigious names in world aviation. As a result of its customer-oriented philosophy and its efforts to improve its quality and the services it provides, the airline has risen to a prominent position on the list, which is closely followed by the aviation sector. Skytrax announced Turkish Airlines’ success around the world on its website, http://www.airlinequality.com, on 4 October. Skytrax provides consultancy and inspection services to 210 airlines and 65 airports. Only five airlines worldwide have earned five stars, none of them European airlines. Turkish Airlines’ President Temel Kotil, Ph.D. emphasized that since he took office the airline have developed a number of projects and engages in continuous efforts to further improve quality and customer satisfaction as a matter of principle. Stressing that quality is the basis of Turkish Airlines’ service concept not just for the year but for its vision of the future, Kotil added, “By listening to what our passengers had to say, we developed a number of projects aimed at better service. Using volunteer observers and hidden customer programs to amass data, we placed customer satisfaction in the first ranks of our concept of service. We believe that these efforts are going to make Turkish Airlines a five-star airline.”