Turkish Airlines is third in Europe in in-flight entertainment

This year’s 19th annual ‘Avion Awards’, given for in-flight entertainment services, have found their recipients.

Organized jointly by Skytrax and the World Airline Entertainment Association (WAEA), the world’s most respected airline inspection and consultancy agencies, the voting took place over the organization’s website with participation by airline passengers around the world. Turkish Airlines won third place in Europe (‘Best in Region’) behind British Airways and Swiss International Airlines. Turkish Airlines has introduced the AVOD digital system for in-flight entertainment on its A330 and some A340 type aircraft, which operate on long-haul flights. The system offers Business Class passengers the application of their choice by remote control; Economy Class passengers have the options of both remote control and a touch screen. Applications under the ‘Communications’ menu enable passengers to send SMS as well as sending and receiving electronic mail. The system also offers passengers hourly updates of economic, financial and celebrity news and weather reports. The ‘Information’ menu provides data about the fleet, cargo, the Miles&Smiles frequent flyer program, a destination guide, a Turkey guide, a passenger survey, an airport map, a passenger map and a flight camera allowing all passengers to view takeoff and landing. The ‘Entertainment’ menu has 30 films, including current, classic, international and children’s films; a channel offering 40 shorts, including TV series, documentaries and cartoons; a 250-CD album of music of every variety; and a channel with 17 games, an audio-book and duty free shopping selections.